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In February, the CFA Certification Program took a major step forward with the first public offering of the Foundation Technician Certification Exam. During the World of Concrete, thirty four (34) persons attended the inaugural technician seminar and twenty eight (28) sat for the exam. This very challenging exam is not for the curious of mind as evidenced by the fact that only ten (10) from this sitting achieved the status of Certified Foundation Technician. A total of thirty (30) technicians now exist throughout the United States with more exams which took place in March in Mount Vernon, IA and and then upcoming this summer in Jacksonville, FL. Other dates and locations are being considered by the CFA Certification Committee.

Officially established this past Summer during the CFA Annual Summer Convention, the Certification Program recognizes the competence and command of major industry references and resources that shape the quality of cast-in-place concrete foundations for residential construction. This recognition, or certification, involves the study of resources followed by successful completion of a two-hour, open book exam. Once a Certified Foundation Technician is established in a foundation company, that company can then begin the second phase of the program, completing a series of forms that describe and define the company’s success in a variety of areas including business, insurance, safety and training, among others. Once evaluation of this second phase is complete, and the company passes the standard set for certification, they are then prepared to become identified as a Certified Foundation Company. This level of accomplishment as a company is renewed annually through free and continuing education as well as random audits. Find out more on the overall requirements at

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