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You Need To Be A Member — Let’s Help Each Other!

I would like to make a case for CFA membership. Whether you are a current member and thinking about dropping your membership, a past member or thinking about becoming a member; if you are a poured wall contractor CFA is a valuable resource. With the worst economy that most of us will likely ever face, CFA is a resource that can help us survive in this down market.

As most of us are scaling back, cost cutting and looking for other ways to save money or to diversify to find new market share, let your membership in CFA help. CFA members are very open and helpful to all fellow members and find utilizing each others strengths, successes and even failures can be of great value. If you have questions or need help give CFA a call or email and they will hook you up with some fellow members. CFA members have vast experience and expertise on many diverse topics, such as starting new markets, commercial work, waterproofing, excavation, RCF and flatwork. Maybe you need help downsizing. Business topics like strategy for successful banking, insurance. The point is if you have an idea or problem and would like somebody to run it by there is likely a CFA member who has been through the same thing.

CFA has many other reasons for a poured wall contractor to be a member, such as it’s work with ACI 332, cold weather concrete, CFA certified contractor program, research, promoting below grade living and other concepts for poured wall contractors. CFA is truly the leader and voice for our industry. In this troubled time networking and sharing ideas is the most important, whether it is on the phone, by email or face to face at one of the meetings, let’s help each other survive and prosper.

Dan Bromley, CFA President, ABI Corporation
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