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Continually rising oil prices and stricter environmental and safety regulations are changing the way many contractors work. Water based form release agents are the clear choice in answering many of these challenges and Nox-Crete’s water based formulas offer benefits that are just not possible with petroleum based products:

  • PERFORMANCE Nox-Crete’s continued research and development has produced water based form release agents with improved performance over traditional petroleum based products.
  • SAVINGS Water based release agents cost less than petroleum based products. Contractors can save even more, up to as much as 50% over the cost of current oil based form release agents, by choosing one of Nox-Crete’s concentrated or super concentrated versions.
  • SAFETY All Nox-Crete’s form release agents are manufactured using the safest ingredients available. Water based form release agents reduce employee exposure to hazardous materials and are virtually odor free – a big plus for workers exposed to form release agents on the job site every day.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY Our water based form release agents are low VOC and easily meet all known state VOC requirements. Our water based form release agents are part of our Green Engineered™ program and are ideal for projects seeking official “green building” certifications or for construction processes mindful of our planet.

Poured wall contractors using aluminum forms can especially benefit from both the improved cost and performance of our super concentrated AlumI-cOn. Formulated specifically for aluminum forms, chemically active Alumi-CoN maximizes the savings potential with the economy of a concentrated product. Dilutable up to 6:1 with water, Alumi-CoN allows the user to customize product performance by adjusting the dilution rate to fit specific needs. Once diluted, Alumi-CoN stays well mixed for use throughout the day. When dry on form surfaces, Alumi-CoN is non-slippery and resists removal by normal rain showers. The variable dilution rates also allow Alumi-Con to be used as a maintenance coating for removing hardened concrete builup from form surfaces as well. Achieving the proper dilution rate is easily achieved when Alumi-Con is used in conjunction with Nox-Crete’s mix STATioN. The mix STATioN simultaneously dilutes and mixes Nox-Crete’s super concentrated form release agents in one easy step. Contractors dilute and mix only as much product as they need at a given time.

For workers, Alumi-Con is a welcome, low odor change from the smell of traditional petroleum based products. And, unlike oil based products, Alumi-Con dries quickly and doesn’t collect dirt and dust throughout the day, meaning workers go home cleaner than with petroleum based products.

When you’re ready to make the switch to water based form release agents, choose Nox-Crete. We are the industry leader in water based technology. For more information about the advantages of water based release agents, contact Nox-Crete at (800) 669-2738 or visit Full product data sheets for the Mix Station, Alumi-Con and all water based release agent options are available online.

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