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Ernie Jessop of Concrete Form Services wrote in to say “we listen to our customers, to take their ideas and bring them to fruition. One of our long time customers, Danny Johnson, owner of Horizon Concrete out of Syracuse UT. Is the inventor of our “DJ” Jogger. Over the years he has brought flaws in the system to our attention, and helped the concept of EZ Footings to evolve into the well rounded universal forming system it is today. Danny has just completed a large distribution center, and in his words, “It took 70 days to complete the footings and foundation, and we did it 5 weeks ahead of schedule, so they’re pretty impressed”. So impressed, in fact, that the GC for the project will not be shopping for another concrete company for their next job. Whenever you have two people willing to work through scenarios that are at first problematic, but you don’t give up, wonderful things happen. The DJ Jogger, used for intersecting two forms together whenever you have an odd sized jog, gave way to the hinged skin panel. Used for the same thing and yet even more versatile, it can be used to make pier pads exact, with up to 12” of adjustability in each corner. We have created a paradigm shift in the concrete industry that becomes more and more evident as time goes by. Companies like Horizon Concrete continue to raise the bar of excellence and we are proud to be a part of that. We invite you to come out at any time to see our amazing forms in action, and we’ll pay for the trip, seeing is believing.”

Jessop can be reached at, 801-280-6992, and their website is

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