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“Going Green” are key words in today’s construction industry. This includes concrete form release agents. Hill & Griffith now has truly biodegradable concrete form release agents, field proven and being quickly accepted in the concrete industry. Sold under the trade names GRIFCOTE® LV-50, GRIFCOTE® LV-50 Plus and GRIFCOTE® Bio Gold, these materials meets the EPA definition of biodegradability (maximum half-life of 28 days), are non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, noncombustible, non-DOT regulated, VOC compliant and will help to keep your forms clean. GRIFCOTE ® LV-50 Plus is the cutting edge of form release technology and incorporates combined reactive technology to give the best release and help minimize buildup. Conventional form release agents are typically petroleum-solvent based and are often flammable or combustible, requiring that the materials be transported only by HazMat 126 Certified drivers. GRIFCOTE® biodegradable form release agents eliminate the need for Red Labels on containers and on job site.

Hill & Griffith offers a complete line of conventional reactive form release agents, including petroleum-solvent based VOC compliant, non-carcinogenic, non-DOT regulated, non-flammable and non-combustible that are the accepted standard in the concrete industry for better release and better finish. For additional information, please contact Bob Waterloo, Technical Sales Manager ( or go to to request samples and/or additional information.

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