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CIFA USA is “pumped up” and excited to announce the latest addition to its line of concrete boom pumps, the K40L-meter. Taking over 80 years of experience in the production of concrete manufacturing and placing equipment CIFA has designed, built and tested an entirely new placing machine for the North American poured wall market.

The K40L is a 40-meter boom based on a 36-meter chassis (and price) it features a new subframe and turret design allowing a relatively small X-style outrigger footprint in additional to its unilateral working range in “SSS” mode that is ideal for setting up on tight excavations and subdivisions. It also incorporates a great deal of aluminum components to keep the overall operating weight (with fuel and operator) down to approximately 57,500 lbs and help with corrosion resistance. This unit should be legal in most states as a three axle chassis.

CIFA saw the trend of larger more complicated homes, further congested building lots and acknowledged some gaps in the market so they designed and constructed the K40L with 115’-2” of horizontal reach and 126’-6” of vertical reach for the poured wall contractors. With its 4-section ZFolding boom system the machine is very simple and agile to operate even in the ‘A-Frame’ configuration during priming out.

The 200 yd3/hr “open loop” hydraulic system coupled with long and medium radius elbows is very smooth on the hose man yet eats up even the harshest footer mixes. The open loop pump cell was designed to give maximum fl ow and pressure while running the engine at only 1,450 RPM which equates to unheard of fuel economy and the lowest noise levels available perfect for residential lots.

All of CIFA’s wear parts are serviceable through the top of the hopper and are very easy to maintain and trouble-shoot if needed. The simplicity of maintenance is continued from front to back with the patented automatically rotating/adjusting cutting ring and hydraulically opened and closed hopper clean-out door.

The new K40L has many features that other brands do not offer. The emergency consisting of spares hoses, fittings and wrenches is stored in its own toolbox on the truck away from your daily pumping tools so it is on the site when you need it, not back at your shop. Some of the standard equipment items on the K40L are heated clean-up water tanks, standard and high-pressure water pumps, integral prime port & clean-out ball stop, (2) proportional remote control handsets, easy to understand pump wiring, aluminum fenders & wheels, engine brake and A/C. Twin wall pipe is standard on the K40L and all other CIFA boom pumps.

The K40L has successfully passed the CPMA 27.2000 certification for the highest level of safety features.

All CIFA products are sold by dedicated dealers not pumper/dealers so we are proud to say “We are your dealer not your competitor”. Founded in 1928, CIFA is a worldwide leader in concrete placing and manufacturing equipment.

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