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I am writing this letter to the membership on a plane going home from the Fall Regional Convention that was held in Columbus Ohio. As I reflect on the conference, there are four topics that stand out for me, quality education, CFA certification exam, captive insurance and what a great group of people CFA members are.

First, the quality of the education featured at our first Regional meeting was first class. The 4 hours of education was geared towards the owner’s and managers of our members companies. It cost $ 75.00 and was a great value. The first half of the program featured sales and marketing topics. Wendy Ward at Construction Communication gave a great presentation of effective proposals. Kevin Stirz “Amazing Service Guy” talked about tools and steps to retain customers, exceed customer expectations, increase revenue with current customers and increase networks. The last topic was presented by James M. L. Ferber Attorney at Law. He spoke about “The Employee Free Choice Act” (EFCA) that will most likely become law after the elections and how if can dramatically affect our businesses if a union should try to organize our labor force. Fellow CFA members this intense education was worth the $75.00 fee and cost of travel (If you cannot make the next regional meeting consider sending a top manager, it pays).

Secondly, two more members took the CFA Certification exam. This program is continuing to gain momentum. Committee work is in progress to help certified companies market and promote the certification to your customers.

Third, the captive insurance program (self-insurance) initiative is moving forward. The consensus among members and the board is we want to continue to develop the program so our members can control their insurance costs. We need your help to do this. You can help by serving on the captive insurance committee and we desperately need five years of your insurance history (contact Ed Sauter at CFA) and we need this history by the end of January.

Finally, I must comment on what a great group of people CFA members are! It has been a joy to talk, catch up and network this weekend.

Thanks also to the Latorre’s and Tremco Barrier Solutions for the hospitality.

Dan Bromley, CFA President, ABI Corporation
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