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In tough times like these, with housing starts continuing to fall, forward-looking concrete contractors are searching for ways to differentiate themselves by selling added value to their Builder customers with a more complete package of Foundation products and services. CertainTeed understands the needs of concrete contractors, and offers systems to make your jobs easier, greener and more profitable.

CertainTeed’s Form-ADrain™ concrete footing form system, ThermaEZE™ foam insulation panels and Platon® waterproofing membrane provide users the leading edge in green building, while simplifying installations and reducing callbacks, all with the latest technologies. CertainTeed’s Foundation Products offer drainage, radon venting, insulation and waterproofing protection for residential projects. Homeowners will also benefit from the safe, comfortable and energy-efficient structures that the complete system provides.



Form-a-Drain is used in place of lumber to form the footing, then remains in place after the concrete is poured, where it serves as a superior drainage system. Contractors don’t have to go back to strip and clean old forms, load them on the truck, and haul them to the next job. Since Form-A-Drain is both the footing form and the foundation drainage system, the crew accomplishes these two jobs at the same time. Form-A-Drain is an outstanding alternative to conventional perforated pipe when it comes to drainage performance.

With Form-A-Drain, the foundation system is located where it should be — at the top of and on both sides of the footing, the optimum area of a home’s foundation where water can be effectively collected and ultimately discharged away from valuable living space. Form-A-Drain is easily adapted to vent harmful radon gas, so crews can carry out this job efficiently in areas where code or local practice requires it. More than 100 million feet of Form-A-Drain have been installed since 1992 – that’s hundreds of thousands of homes with zero documented wet basements.


ThermaEZE provides a cost-effective means for building thermally efficient above-and below-grade poured concrete walls. With ThermaEZE, poured wall contractors can now provide their Builder with another value-added service – an insulated, ready-to-finish, code-compliant insulated wall – all with very little extra labor, as ThermaEZE doesn’t change the way forms are erected or walls are poured. And with ThermaEZE, poured-wall contractors who have made a significant investment in their business are no longer shutout and can effectively compete when specs call for a foam-insulated concrete foundation.


Platon is a tough, durable, high-density polyethylene air-gap waterproofing membrane that provides superior foundation wall and under- slab moisture protection. This dimpled 24-mil. wrap separates water from the foundation wall and permanently bridges foundation cracks, preventing moisture from entering the basement of a home. Unlike traditional waterproofing, CertainTeed Platon can be installed under all weather conditions, and does not require a special crew or equipment.

Using CertainTeed’s Foundation Products will give homes a better foundation, while improving contractors’ bottom line. For more information, visit or call 800-233-8990. CertainTeed is a proud member of the CFA, and offers the best marketing programs and field-support services in the business. Ask about our Spring/Summer sales promotions!

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