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Putzmeister America, Inc. Introduces Boom Pump QuickStart Series


Putzmeister America announces the May 2007 release of its new Boom Pump QuickStart DVD series. Designed as a convenient reference for new and experienced boom pump operators, the QuickStart DVD series is a guide to operational procedures, general maintenance and advanced special features of Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps. This is just one more way Putzmeister offers its customers more than equipment.

Hosted by Alan Woods, Putzmeister field service technician, the two-disk series is easy to navigate to specific sections for viewers on the go.

The first DVD takes the viewer through a boom pump walk around from the cab to the hopper, explaining where each feature is located. Various outrigger deployments for the 20-, 30-, 40- and 50/60-Meter classes are covered as well. In addition, boom deployment for the three different Putzmeister boom configurations, Z-Fold, Multi-Z and Roll-and-Fold, are also reviewed.

The second DVD includes maintenance and special features sections. Maintenance information includes hopper safety inspection, proximity switches, an accumulator test and lubrication systems. Some of the special features discussed include EBC with OneTouch™, Free Flow Hydraulics, One-Sided Support (OSS), Remote Preferences and Extended Range EBC.

“The Boom Pump QuickStart DVD series was designed to accelerate the understanding of how boom pumps work for both new and experienced boom pump operators. This series will accompany the operator and maintenance manuals shipped with every machine,” says Putzmeister Vice President – Sales and Marketing Bill Dwyer. “We also recommend thorough review of the manuals and ACPA safety guidelines prior to operating any boom pump.”

New and experienced boom pump owners and operators are encouraged to not only read their manuals to fully understand their equipment, but also attend Putzmeister’s operation and maintenance service schools. Operators should also be educated and tested in proper concrete pumping safety practices. This includes certification by the ACPA in the Association’s comprehensive safety program.

The easy to navigate QuickStart DVD series will be included in the operators manual for all new boom pump models delivered after May 15, 2007. For more information, please call the Putzmeister Customer Support Department at 1-800-890-0269.

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