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Designed with the operator in mind, the unique characteristics of the K31 XZ boom pump make this machine flexible yet simple to operate.

The NEW K31 XZ boom configuration allows operators maximum maneuverability in restricted areas through its amazingly low unfolding height of 18’-8” and the outstanding 360° bidirectional continuous rotary actuator located on the 5th section. Furthermore, the K31 XZ 5 section boom is equipped with 5” twin wall pipeline assuring long-life of the delivery pipe line.

Equipped with the heavy duty “Open Loop” concrete pump system, PA 1506/909F8, the K31 XZ provides Foundation Contractors with smooth, safe, continuous movements, high reliability and a generous output of 196 yd3/hr. Also available is a “Closed Loop” concrete pump system; HPG 1808/1113IF8-F9 capable of 235 yd3/hr.

All new CIFA boom pumps offer these key features not found on most other brands: hydraulically opening and closing hopper clean-out doors, clean-out ball stop, prime port in rear elbow, (2) proportional remote controls, simplified wiring offering several small bundles of wires that are well marked and easy to understand. They unit also feature portholes in the turret to allow easy inspection and maintenance of the pipe located inside.

Designed for low maintenance costs, CIFA backs it up with new heated clean-up water tanks and installs the water pumps and hoses to avoid damage due to freezing temperatures.

Please call for references of CIFA customers doing the same job with less initial capital tied-up and low overhead costs. CIFA’s new K31 XZ will provide Foundation Contractors with the tools for a successful pour and a successful bottom line every time.

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