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Foundation Contractor Certification

Can you believe that the World of Concrete has come and gone again? What an outstanding event this year’s proved to be. Attendance was higher than expected (labeled a record actually) and the quality of exhibitors certainly did not disappoint me. The same held true for the CFA as we hosted our Annual Meeting at the Nine Fine Irishmen Restaurant in the New York New York Hotel. Once again, the quality of the interaction among attendees was tremendous even though the nearly four hundred there created very tight elbow to elbow conditions. In a time when our industry is struggling with a downturn it was refreshing to see such energy and excitement to continue doing what we do best…sharing.

I would like to share with you a subject that has been discussed at great length during recent committee and board meetings…Foundation Contractor Certification. This topic has been on the agenda with the Board of Directors for over a year. We now have an initial outline for the process compiled by the committee assigned to oversee this project and I am beginning to see some strong benefits for our members. A couple of these are pointed out in the current outline’s program overview statement; “By selecting a company that meets and adheres to the guidelines established for the program, the builder or owner will have greater assurance that the foundation for their structure has been constructed to meet their needs” and “The program will also provide a vehicle whereby a contractor can distinguish himself from his competition.” During our latest Board meeting in Las Vegas we decided to proceed forward with a pilot or test version of this certification. This means that a few selected contractors will go through the “mock” process of becoming a CFA certified contractor on behalf of the entire Association. They will be required to submit information in regards to corporate issues such as safety, field & equipment training, insurance, construction/quality control requirements, project management, and company management. This process will be detailed but will ultimately test the viability of the program and assure a successful process for each of you in the future.

Why are we going about the business of creating a certified contractor? In a few pockets around the country we have seen where foundation contractors are being asked about certification and others that are already required to be certified. At this point in time that pressure is not the driving force behind this concept, but rather the desire to stay ahead of the curve. If indeed at some point in the future a uniform certification is to be required of foundation contractors doesn’t it make sense that we, the true foundation experts, would manage that process?

This is a substantial undertaking and there is much yet to be done. Obvious areas that need addressed include administration, maintenance, uniformity, and there are legal concerns as well. Let me reiterate that this program is in its infancy, however with proper branding, promotion, and marketing, this program has the potential to further establish the CFA as the leading force in the industry with regard to quality and professionalism. At this point in time there are as many questions as there are answers; therefore any input, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly welcomed.

Go Colts—Super Bowl XLI Champs!

Brad Schrock, CFA President, Custom Concrete Company Inc.

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