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Board and Annual Meeting Highlights


The CFA Board met prior to the CFA Summer Meeting and addressed a very aggressive agenda. Membership in the Association continues to grow. CFA finished fiscal year 2006 with 401 members – a new high. The figure includes 278 contractor firms, 20 professionals, 51 national associates and 52 local associates. CFA finished FY 05 with 390 members.

Distribution of the CFA newsletter, Concrete Facts, continues to grow. It is currently sent to over 3000 companies. The goal is 5000 subscribers or recipients by the end of next year.


CFA is still active in the Codes and Standards arena. The 2007 version of the ACI 332 document is in the early draft stages and members of the CFA will play an important role in its development. Jim Baty, CFA Technical Directory, was appointed secretary of the committee which puts him in a position to monitor all activities.

CFA Executive Director Ed Sauter will also be making an appearance at the IRC hearings this fall to argue the rescinding of the new anchor bolt requirements that were passed during the midnight hours of the 2006 public comment phase. The new code stipulations will require that anchor bolts be placed much closer in many applications. CFA joins NAHB, NRMCA, and PCA in opposing this inclusion.


Plans are progressing for the fall regional meeting in Hartford Connecticut on Saturday, October 28th. Raleigh, North Carolina was selected for the site of the spring 2007 regional meeting. The tentative date is May 3rd. Contact CFA or visit the web site for more information.


Company certification is moving forward. Several areas of expertise or knowledge for certified companies were agreed upon including safety and safety programs, quality assurance, outside certification for pump and crane operation, continuing education requirements in codes and related topics, minimum insurance coverage, business experience, and service to the industry. The committee hopes to have the program better defined by the fall board meeting.


The Concrete Management Initiative is also moving forward. This program, which will aid member companies improve their businesses from the management side, will be based on member supplied information which will be assimilated into modular components for education and delivery.


The current administration’s position on immigrants was discussed but no position or action items were proposed. The board and staff will continue to monitor new laws and guidelines and how they are administered for problems and how members can deal with them.

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