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Thermally Efficient Walls

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – CertainTeed Corporation is pleased to enter the insulated concrete wall market with the patented ThermaEZE® Thermal Insulation System. ThermaEZE is an innovative technology that provides a cost-effective means for building thermally efficient above-and below-grade poured concrete walls.

ThermaEZE insulation panels, which consist of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, are set within the wall forms prior to pouring, and are held in place by a patented web structure that becomes embedded in the concrete. Once the concrete sets, the forms are removed, creating a wall surface that is fully insulated on the interior and/or exterior faces of the structure. The webs also provide a fastening surface for subsequent application of finish board and cladding materials. With ThermaEZE, hardly any prep work is required; the panels are simply slid into the cavity as the forms are set.

According to Steve Gross, Director of Marketing for CertainTeed Foundations, foundation heat transfer is a major factor affecting thermal interaction of buildings with their environment. “Below-grade space can represent up to 50 percent of the heat loss in a home that is heavily insulated above grade, but is poorly insulated below grade. ThermaEZE allows builders to provide in one simple step insulated walls that are increasingly required by building codes, creating long-term energy savings for the owner,” he says. When used on the interior, the ThermaEZE system replaces wood and steel studs, eliminating the need to frame. Drywall is attached directly to the ThermaEZE panels, which provide a minimum R-value of 11.5

With this entry CertainTeed now offers both wall and footing form systems. The introduction of ThermaEZE comes on the heels of the company’s highly successful launch of Form-A-Drain®, a patented three-in-one concrete footing form, foundation drainage and radon reduction system.

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