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New 10” Size for Form-A-Drain®

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – CertainTeed Corporation is expanding its popular Form-A-Drain® foundation product line into the light commercial construction market via a new, larger 10” x 12’ lineal. Form-A-Drain, which until now was used mostly for residential foundations, can now be used in the construction of office buildings, apartment complexes, stores and more.

Form-A-Drain is a patented three-in-one concrete footing form system, foundation drainage system and sub-slab perimeter radon reduction system. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lineal sections are used in place of wood or aluminum to form the footing, and remain in place after the concrete is poured. This saves time and money, as there is no need to return to the job site to strip, clean and transport footing forms for reuse.

Because Form-A-Drain forms a complete loop around a building’s foundation, it also serves as an effective groundwater drainage and radon reduction system. After installation, Form-A-Drain collects groundwater through multiple side vents and transports it to a sump pit or a drainage pipe going to the outside. Harmful radon gas is also collected and safely evacuated through a separate vent pipe.

Says Steve Gross, Director of Marketing for CertainTeed Foundations, “Form-ADrain has saved foundation contractors and homeowners a lot of time and headaches over the years. We’re happy to now offer this superior three-in-one product to light commercial construction customers. The new 10-inch Form-A-Drain is also ideal for construction of larger homes that are becoming more common these days.”

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