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“Biodegradability” is a word that has been inappropriately used in the past. While nearly “everything” is biodegradable over some period of time, clarification was needed on what actually constitutes “biodegradability” to the EPA.

The correct definition of “biodegradability” can be found in the ‘EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), 1998, Fate, Transport and Transportation Test Guidelines, Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances (OPPTS) 835.3100, Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation. EPA 712-C-98-O and ASTM: D-5864-00, Standard Test Methods for Determining Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants or Their Components.’ This reference gives everyone the guidelines to be followed when determining “biodegradability” and using the word “biodegradable” in claims as relates to various products. This includes concrete form release agents. The criteria shown in the EPA references is clear in it’s defi nition as to allowable “half-life” of materials in order to be considered biodegradable.

Hill & Griffith Company, Cincinnati, OH now offers two biodegradable concrete form release agents. Sold under the trade names GRIFCOTE® LV-50* and GRIFCOTE® Bio Gold*, these two patented concrete form release agents put at ease many of the concerns that pre-casters and poured in place concrete operations have with the environment and water run-off. Field proven in precast, pipe and poured in place operations, these biodegradable form release agents supply excellent finish and good release at reasonable cost for environmentally responsible form release agents.

GRIFCOTE® LV-50* and GRIFCOTE® Bio Gold* are EPAVOC compliant, non-DOT regulated, non-flammable or combustible, non-carcinogenic and meet the EPA requirements to be classified as biodegradable.

For additional information and samples contact Hill & Griffith at 317-887-5922, or on line at

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