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Bilco’s ScapeVIEW™ Series 6000 Completes the ScapeWEL Window Well System

The Bilco Company, manufacturers of specialty access products for the residential and architectural building markets, is completing its ScapeWEL® Window Well System by introducing the ScapeVIEW™ Series 6000 Foundation Window System. Constructed of vinyl for durability and corrosion resistance, the window assembly is a two-piece system consisting of a pour-in-place buck and a snap-in window unit.

The window buck features a structurally designed multi-wall extrusion and full reinforcing for superior strength and support during the foundation pouring process. For ease of installation, the buck is equipped with tie-slots for hanging in forms, back-out screws for window well installation, and a full perimeter seal to ensure weathertight and secure installation of the window unit. The buck is available in four widths to accommodate most standard foundations and extensions are available for custom applications.

The window unit features superior energy efficiency and sleek, fully welded vinyl construction for durability and low maintenance. Utilizing Intercept® Warm-Edge technology, the window is constructed with insulated glass and “Warm edge” spacers to reduce condensation and minimize heat loss. It is also equipped with weather-stripping to withstand air, dust and moisture infiltration, a fiberglass mesh insect screen, and a heavy-duty locking mechanism that has received the highest level of forced-entry resistance. Series 6000 foundation windows are available in three standard sizes that meet code requirements for emergency egress.

An International Residential Code (IRC2003)-compliant basement egress solution, the ScapeWEL Window Well System consists of the ScapeVIEW Series 6000 Foundation Window and a ScapeWEL Window Well. The window well features UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene construction that will not rust, rot or change color upon exposure to the elements. The component system simply snaps together on site and the terraced step design aids emergency egress. For added visual enhancement, the steps can landscaped with the homeowners choice of favorite plants or flowers. When installed, the ScapeWEL® Window Well System provides natural daylight and ventilation to lower level living areas, making them as warm and comfortable as any room in the home.

Builders can purchase the entire ScapeWEL Window Well System, now including the ScapeVIEW Series 6000 Foundation Window System, from Bilco’s national network of dealers and distributors. For more information about the Bilco Company and ScapeVIEW, visit their website at or call 203-934-6363.

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