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Providing Improved Product Availability and First Class Services

With over 90 years of experience in the steel industry, Armtec can attribute it’s success to a team of valued employees who provide innovative solutions through a diverse line of quality products, exceptional customer service and effective communication.

Armtec is a manufacturer and distributor of steel and high density polyethylene (HDPE) construction products for use in infrastructure, mining, forestry, industrial, residential, agricultural and municipal applications. Its products include corrugated pipe in steel, aluminum and polyethylene, structural plate corrugated steel pipe, bin-type retaining walls, sheet piling, tunnel liner systems, water control gates, erosion control blankets and geosynthetics. These products are designed to provide solutions in Canada and other countries for roads, sewers, bridges, land development, mining and forestry.

Armtec also manufactures Platon, the uniquely dimpled HDPE air-gap membrane that is used to prevent foundation leaks and doubles as underlayment for flooring. Platon is manufactured in Armtec’s plant from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the same material used in corrugated plastic drain pipe, one of the toughest and longest lasting plastics. Platon provides a permanent water and moisture barrier.

Their goal is to continually provide customers with improved product availability and first class service. With manufacturing plants and sales offices in every province in Canada they are Canada’s only national multi-material manufacturer specializing in corrugated high-density polyethylene pipe, corrugated steel pipe and related products.

A member of the CFA since 1995, Armtec has actively participated in advertisements in this magazine, as well as sponsoring programs and events such as last year’s coupon book give away and the Winter Meeting. As the CFA works harder to gain interest in Canada, Armtec is a valued member in this effort.

Please visit for more information about Armtec, or to learn more about “Platon” foundation and flooring protector.

Information was reprinted from CBG’s article “All Concrete Passive Solar Home Stores Energy in Walls,” September 2005

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