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Being A Member…

Membership is not just about paying your dues after the first of July, or when every your membership expires, and then waiting for the dues to come up the following year. And although this is a great publication, it’s not about just reading what’s between the covers of Concrete Facts. On a larger scale, membership is about improving the poured wall industry, and on a smaller scale, advancing our businesses by making us better concrete contractors and businessmen and women.

But in order to do anything, no matter what scale you’re looking at, it’s about actively participating.

The CFA is constantly trying to update the resources they provide us, and they are always looking for enthusiastic members to add to their committees who work on these resources. Being active in a committee ensures that your concerns are being addressed because you are the one bringing them to the table. And the majority of a committee’s activity is done via phone conferences and/or e-mails, so you can share your thoughts from the convenience of your own chair. One opportunity to participate will be Monday morning before the WOC starts.

The Board of Directors will meet for informal discussions on several topics at 10:00 AM and formally for the Board meeting at 1:00 PM. Please consider joining us.

The CFA also provides endless education and networking opportunities. The Winter Meeting in Vegas will be another fun-filled time to visit with one another in an informal, (and we promise this year, a little quieter) yet very informative, setting.

This year’s Summer Meeting is another great opportunity to get more involved. It’s at the Wisconsin Dells (see page 18 for more information), July 18 – 22, at the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center. Having it in the Midwest makes it easy traveling for almost everyone so don’t let other excuses get in the way – make this your first, fifth, or 31st Summer Meeting. It’s a guaranteed good time, and you’ll walk away with more than water in your ears but new thoughts in your mind.

Continue to use the CFA as much as possible. Read about the valuable industry management and construction information regarding codes, techniques and more, through CFA’s resources. Visit to access the engineering programs that help you design retaining and basement walls. Attend the World of Concrete Tradeshow for free by using the CFA’s code. Read every issue of Concrete Facts (and please do!). But consider taking your membership one step further so you can actively make a difference in the Association and in the Industry, which in turn will most definitely make a difference in your company.

Terry Lavy, CFA President, Lavy Concrete Construction Inc.

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