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CFA Introduces Marketing Presentation

Have you ever had the need to make a sales pitch to a builder, but didn’t have a prepared presentation? If so, CFA may be able to help. The Association has introduced a new tool called “Why Poured Walls” “Why Poured Walls”is a multifaceted Power Point presentation that addresses a wide variety of issues that a poured wall contractor may encounter.

Are you in an area where basements are not built, or are just beginning to appear? If so, the first part of the presentation presents the case for why building a basement makes sense. Photos, text, and supporting information make the case for using a basement for inexpensive lower level living and use of the basement as a safe room. If basements are common but there are competing forms of construction, such as concrete block or precast, the presentation gives reasons as to why poured walls are best. The section presents practical as well as technical information to help make the point.

The next section of the presentation explains the construction process for building cast-in-place foundations. It covers the proven performance of concrete, the versatility of modular forming systems, durability, and the speed of building with RCFs (Reusable Concrete Forms). The use of modern technology in layout and placement of concrete is also explained. It finishes with recommendations regarding waterproofing, and backfilling.

Other topics addressed in the presentation include cracks, their causes, and when they should be a concern; cold weather concrete, in particular the testing and recommendations from the CFA Cold Weather Study; and, sustainability – concrete as a green building material. The presentation finishes with several examples of the use of RCFs for above grade housing.

The presentation has a total of 81 illustrated and animated slides and should take approximately an hour to present. It is available in Microsoft Power Point or MacIntosh Safari presentation software. Text is provided with each slide to explain to the presenter what points are trying to be made. If you have less time to make the presentation, or if one of the sections isn’t applicable to your audience or purpose, you can use the hide feature or delete the section.

The slide show, along with pointers for making presentations, has been shown at CFA regional meetings in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. If you would like a copy of the presentation, simply call the CFA at 866-CFA-WALL or email us.

Ed Sauter, Executive Director, CFA

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