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Technology: The Key To Successful Growth

I have the dubious task of authoring a substitute for the inspirational letters you have grown accustom to this past year from our current CFA President, Terry Lavy. I know you will look forward to his next letter in issue five, as he makes his way back from some health issues we are glad to say he has overcome.

To those of you who attended the Summer Meeting this last month in San Francisco, you likely found some humor and great relief in my latest gadget aimed at streamlining our registration process…my barcode scanners. You see, I have heard so many stories from CFA contractors that have embraced improved technologies in their daily businesses such as robotics, job time equipment and of course the many concrete pumps, conveyors and knuckleboom truck cranes that have become the staple of the foundation contractor’s fleet. It was high time that we too embraced available technology to improve our ability to move you quickly into our many events and what a success it was.

Over the next few issues, you will find articles that discuss with greater detail, the other new technology that we have instituted on your behalf. Many of you have read and hopefully kicked the tires on the online engineering software that has been developed exclusively for the CFA featuring an interface designed for regular use by the foundation contractor. Through our partnership with CECSoft, both the basement wall design program and the newly added retaining wall design program have become great additions to the technology available at your fingertips. We are committed to helping you become intimately comfortable with these packages so together we can plan the future modifications and additions to these products.

One way we intend to do this is with another addition of technology to our efforts. Through the online collaboration system provided by WebEx, we offer monthly opportunities for you to register for one-hour online training sessions. These will be hosted by your CFA staff and will allow you to watch the design programs in action while helping you understand the ease of use, and the process that can follow, to leave you with engineering support for these designs. Although tailored more for the foundation contractor, these products are also proving effective for our professional engineer members of the Association by facilitating quicker code checks and conservative design estimates.

You’ve probably figured out that I’m a bit over the top when it comes to the computer and the role it can play in your business. I know that many of you already realize this and together we can continue to shape efficiency in the poured wall market. Give me a call if you are interested in one of these online education opportunities and we’ll get you plugged in. Until next time…and thanks for the space, Terry…

Jim Baty,Technical Director

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