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Tunnelform Construction = Increased Productivity & Better Quality


Tunnelform Construction Increases Productivity and Results in Better Quality Homes at The Manhattan

Southeast Capital Partners, developers of the only high-rise luxury condominium in Dunwoody, Georgia, The Manhattan, are utilizing the Outinord tunnelforming system in the construction of these highly anticipated condominium homes. Touted for its cost effectiveness, productivity and quality benefits, the tunnelform construction process is producing these condominium homes with eight inches of solid concrete between the home’s walls, floors and ceiling, and increases the productivity of the construction process, therefore resulting in a sturdier, more cost effective final product.

Popularized in Europe, tunnelforming is a fast-track method of construction that is well suited to a high-rise, as well as mid-rise and low-rise, construction because it simplifies the entire construction process resulting in higher quality and tighter tolerances. During the tunnelform construction process, a structural tunnel is created by pouring concrete into the tunnelform, which looks like a large “L-shaped” and upside down “L-shaped” form facing each other to form a steel form box that create the floors, walls and ceilings. Every day the formwork is moved so that another tunnel can be formed.

When a story is completed, the process is repeated on the next floor. The method is fast and cost efficient, which eventually saves weeks from the overall project schedule. The pace of construction on The Manhattan will approach seven floors a month. Tunnelforms also deliver an extremely high-quality finish, and provide excellent owner satisfaction, by providing solid concrete walls between units, which are both sound and fire resistant and very energy efficient.

Southeast Capital Partners is working with Total Concrete Structures, the leading builder of mid-and high-rise residential towers in the Southeast using the Outinord tunnelform system, and they have gained that reputation by delivering a simple-to-build, high-quality and ahead-of-schedule structural concrete shell.

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