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CFA Introduces Safety Materials

Does your company have a current safety program? Even if it does, are you constantly looking for new, updated and fresh material to present – in English and Spanish? Look no longer! The CFA Board of Directors approved a partnership with Safety Services Company (SCC) at its March board meeting in Minneapolis, which will provide members special pricing for the SCC series of Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meeting topics. In addition, SCC agreed to develop additional topics specific to the poured wall industry.

This is the newest of several existing or planned relationships that will bring a variety of services to CFA members at discounted prices. The price of one year’s worth of toolbox topics will be $125 per year plus $6.96 shipping and handling. The regular price for this service it $156 per year.

Subscribers can select their topics from over 350 prewritten safety meetings geared toward the construction industry. Most companies hold (or at least should hold) safety meetings on a weekly basis. Members may pick and choose the 52 meetings for the year that work best for their company. SSC mails the material on a monthly basis. The program will alleviate the burden on safety managers to constantly develop new materials. This safety program has proven effective at educating employees in safety and OSHA related issues and reducing work related injury and illness. A partial listing of the 350 plus topics and a sample of one is shown on the following pages.

Each training topic has the material logically arranged with graphics, where necessary, to illustrate the concept. There is also an area for employees to sign indicating that the concepts and information were presented. The safety meetings are printed on 2-ply NCR (carbonless) paper making them invaluable tools for recordkeeping in the event of an OSHA citation, workers comp claim, or fraudulent law suit. The materials are also available in Spanish at no extra cost.

SCC also maintains a toll-free safety HOTLINE for inquiries involving OSHA or safety alleviating the need to call a government agency when a problem is suspected, which can raise a red flag. SCC also provides a variety of other safety related services including certification training for CPR, First Aid, Confined Spaces, Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, and OSHA grade jobsite and facility inspection/evaluation with photos and documented summary reviews. Contact the CFA at 866-CFA-WALL for more information.

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