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Western Forms: Working With the CFA to Help the Industry Grow


What started 50 years ago as a form tie producer has grown into a leading aluminum forming systems manufacturer. Today, Western Forms delivers high quality, high performance form panels, hardware, tools, and accessories. With unique technological innovations, Western Forms continues to improve its position as a leader, in the minds of both industry experts and the crew members that use its products daily all over the world.

Dedicated Research & Development, Engineering, and Technical Support departments strive to find new, better ways to work, produce, and perform. Backed by a professional Customer Service staff, nationwide sales representatives work directly with contractors and builders to get the most out of their investments and help their businesses grow.

From the manufacturing plant to the support staff, from distributors across the country to your local contacts, Western Forms stands behind its products, its people, and its promise to bring you the best aluminum forming systems for your projects.


When Western Forms attended the first meeting of what would become the CFA in 1975, it knew from the beginning that the organization would get its full support and participation.

The poured wall industry benefits from professional leadership dedicated to keeping its members educated through providing both formal programs and the additional opportunities for business owners to come together and freely exchange ideas.

As a manufacturer, Western Forms supported the vision that the industry could improve through collective work. Any supplier, vendor, or manufacturer of a good product can deliver an important component, but contractors face more obstacles that can’t be met by one company alone. Beyond the act of pouring a wall, financial, regulatory, and personnel management concerns are all part of building a company. Qualified poured wall contractors with the knowledge to run successful businesses strengthen the overall concrete construction community and foster growth throughout the membership in North America.

With this in mind, Western Forms believes one of the most successful opportunities offered by the CFA is the annual round-table workshop at the summer meeting. This value-added service allows members from all aspects of busi ness management to share solutions about what makes a company remain competitive. From new ideas in materials handling to new production innovations, financial strategies to developing code changes, these discussions offer participants the chance to gain new insight and directly benefit from other members’ experience.

As the CFA looks to the future, Western Forms continues its commitment to working closely with members and leaders to help the industry grow. From a small start of 8-10 people with a common goal of making poured wall construction better for those in the next generation to the professional talent and 300+ membership today, Western Forms has seen first-hand what the CFA can accomplish.

More than an industry organization, the CFA fosters both business relationships and friendships. Western Forms is proud of its membership and its role in professional development as a result of its own dedication to the CFA.

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