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Purinton Builders, Inc.: On the Right Path

Talia J. Nelson, Marketing & Member Services

Purinton Builders, Inc of Granby, Connecticut, is the type of company that CFA was created for. As with many businesses, it started out as one man with the desire to succeed. Dennis Purinton, President of Purinton Builders, Inc., started the journey to success in the spring of 1984.

Originally, Purinton Builders, Inc. was a specialized company that did only unusual work, such as pouring eight-foot walls with wood forms. As the company prospered, Purinton was able to purchase aluminum forms, and currently pours nine-foot walls, still specialized work, which distinguishes them from their competitors. Plus, they also do production work in developments.

Forms were not the only equipment Purinton purchased over the years. Recently, he purchased a bigger Boom truck, the largest in the state, and he continues to update his aluminum panels and accessories. Purinton also purchased electronic layout equipment, a Geodimeter, which enables the company to produce at a larger volume with less labor. As most contractors know, you need good equipment in order to provide a good product and increase your productivity. The results were no different for Purinton Builders Inc. Purinton states, “Buying new equipment has doubled the growth of our foundation business in 12 months.”

However, good equipment is only a variable in the equation. Another variable is knowledge. Purinton keeps up on changes, trends, and problems in the concrete industry by attending CFA seminars at the Summer Meeting and other CFA events. “So much can be learned from attending the seminars and talking to other contractors there,” states Purinton.

Although Purinton is pleased with the changes in his business, he isn’t satisfied yet. On his list of future goals is building an office and shop. This will definitely be needed when he accomplishes his goal of doubling the size of his company in the next three years. If that isn’t enough, he is diligently working to organize a local chapter of the CFA. With the help of CFA headquarters, Purinton hopes to have the Northeastern Chapter running in 2005. He has a lot to do to accomplish these goals but he’s definitely on the right path.

To learn more about the Northeastern Chapter, other local chapters, or about starting a local chapter in your area – contact Local Chapter Coordinator, Talia Nelson, at toll free 866-CFA-WALLS or email

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