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Menke Brothers Construction Company:

Talia J. Nelson, Marketing & Member Services

The Concrete Foundations Association was beginning just about the time that another organization was forming. Menke Brothers Construction Company in Fort Jennings, Ohio began with only seven employees. Just as the association has grown, so has the staff at Menke Brothers. They employ 45 and provide a variety of services, including excavation, flatwork, concrete and stone placement – in other words…the complete foundation package.

To make this complete package the best in quality, Menke Brothers works hard to hire key personnel who want the business to grow, buy good equipment that will get the job done faster and with less labor, and provide guarantees that benefit customers. Included in their equipment is a Stone Slinger, Putzmeister TB 80, mini excavator, and boom trucks. All of these purchases have increased their productivity; but more importantly, they’ve enhanced the quality of their work.

“The Putzmeister TB 80 allows us to place concrete on tight lots fast with less man power,” states Tom Menke, Treasurer of Menke Brothers Construction Company. “The mini-excavator allows us to dig additions and cave-ins while keeping our excavator available to dig basements.”

They’ve also added a Data Transmission Network (DTN). Menke explains, “The DTN allows us to look at the weather each morning to help determine whether or not we can pour.” This prevents crews from arriving at job sites, only to realize that the weather is not cooperating. Less time is wasted in travel to sites where they are unable to pour due to the weather.

Another technological advancement they have benefited from is the use of Quick Books, an accounting program for the computer. “Quick Books allows us to see our financial status at the click of a button,” states Menke. “We can see more in depth reports on which facet of our company is producing the greatest profits.”

Specialized crews, state-of-the-art equipment, and up-to-date computer software have all helped make happy and satisfied customers of Menke Brothers Construction Company.

The CFA has also helped. CFA staff and members are always available to provide information regarding concrete facts or company issues. The association is a place to turn to find answers, which give contractors knowledge needed to provide the most expertise in the poured wall industry. One such example Menke Brothers is thankful for is the cold weather concrete research. It has provided invaluable information to all contractors who have to pour in colder climates. Menke Brothers will continue to be an active part of the CFA and continue to work for their customers, which will ensure they maintain continued success and growth.

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