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Dependant Foundations: Moving On Up

Byline: Talia J. Nelson, Marketing & Member Services

You may have seen the name Mark Markovich beside “Treasurer” on the list of Concrete Foundations Association’s Board of Directors, but that is not the only organization in which Markovich actively participates. Markovich has been president of

Dependant Foundations in Brighton, Michigan for the past 20 years. Dependant Foundations started out in Markovich’s yard; moved to a small yard near his home; and finally relocated to a 10-acre yard with buildings, centrally located in Dependant Foundation’s market. What began with three employees – that includes Markovich – is now a successful business with approximately 45 employees. They provide such services as excavation, slabs, and walls – and pour 8.52 basements per week.

Markovich contributes his success to his dedicated employees. “Most of my employees have been with Dependent Foundations for 8-15 years,” Markovich states. “They are my biggest assets.”

Approximately 70% are seasoned veterans- that’s extraordinary in an industry known for high turnover. Because of this, Dependant Foundations excels in customer service. The employees are dedicated to growing the company and satisfying the customer.

With such an experienced staff, Markovich was able to add technological advancements to increase production without increasing labor. He purchased a Geodimeter, a sophisticated layout device that combines a transit (leveling device), electronic tape measure, and a computer; and Autocad, a computer aided drafting and design software package. To accompany this new technology, Dependant Foundations hired a full time salesman with great experience and skills in Information Technology. Once again, making sure that Dependant Foundations provides the best possible customer service to their clients.

While Markovich continually updates his equipment, he recently purchased a 38 meter Putzmeister Z Boom and 10’x 9’ BEP Forms, he is reluctant to give credit too hastily. As Markovich states, “I’m always looking for a better way to do things.” This could explain his active role in the CFA. Markovich thinks networking in the association is one of the biggest benefits of being a member.

“Members sharing their experience, especially in the equipmenacquisitioequation,” Markovich explains.. “Whamembers experience vs.. what salesmen telyou…its invaluable..

CFA provides the platform for developing relationships with other contractors who truly care about growing their businesses. The Association also provides research that is invaluable to many in the concrete industry. Such as the cold weather testing completed by the CFA Cold Weather Research Committee. CFA members spent endless hours testing the concrete, compiling the data, and then creating a report so CFA members could benefit from the research. For these reasons and many others, Markovich plays an active role on the CFA board.

As for the future of Dependant Foundations…another 20 years at least. Markovich would like to enter the concrete home construction market in Michigan. He’s among the right crowd in the CFA. The Concrete Homes Council, an alliance of the CFA, promotes the benefits of cast-in-place concrete construction.

For more information about the Concrete Foundations Association or The Concrete Homes Council, contact Talia Nelson at 866-CFA-WALLS or email

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