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Why all Poured Wall Contractors Should be Members

The CFA is a great group of men and women who are dedicated to the advancement of foundation contractors and the industry in which we work. Some are just starting up companies, while others have been around for years, some member companies are huge while others are very small, some appear tremendously organized and experienced, while others are, well, more like mine. We all share the same goals; we want this Industry to be one that can provide us a decent living, and our products to be in demand from our customers. Whether or not we have inspirations to grow into a “Mega” corporation, we do want our businesses to be the best that they can be. The CFA helps us do that.

We all fight the same dragons: competition, cash flow, profitability, employee retention, restrictive building codes, form theft, business succession, cold weather, hot weather, the list goes on and on. By working together we can solve, or at least minimize, these problems, share ideas, and strengthen the industry as a whole.

The CFA also helps us change our industry. As CFA executive director Ed Sauter discusses on page # , our representation on several code and regulatory bodies ensures that our concerns as foundation contractors are addressed. We could not do this on our own. By being a CFA member, you have joined other contractors to create an industry voice to make changes on a national level. CFA works hard to help its members on a local level as well. If you are having difficulties with codes in your area, don’t hesitate to call CFA. We can make a difference.

Events such as the Summer and Winter Meetings, provide opportunities for us to come together from across the United States and Canada, to enjoy and learn from one another. At the Summer Meeting, and the newly formed regional meetings (starting Spring 2005), we have the chance to network with other contractors and suppliers, but we also have educational opportunities to improve our business skills. I greatly encourage you to attend the Winter Meeting at the World of Concrete in January. The complimentary registration is on page 12. And you can’t miss the Summer Meeting in San Francisco, CA in July. It is CFA’s 30th anniversary – such a milestone should not go unrecognized. It is because of us, the membership, that CFA continues to grow and succeed. This celebration is for us.

There are several of you who have not renewed your membership this year – your time is running out. If you aren’t certain what CFA is doing for you, then call the Talia Nelson, CFA Director of Member Services, and voice your needs. CFA is here for you, but it cannot fill needs that are not voiced. Your involvement is crucial to the successof the CFA. The stronger our voice, the more we can accomplish. You need the CFA, the CFA needs you! n

Terry Lavy, CFA President, Lavy Concrete Construction Inc.

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