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CFA Standard Updated

The CFA published the “2003 CFA Standard” in late 2002. It was our first attempt to present a wide variety of foundation construction information and minimum standards in a “code format” for use by our members, yet it goes well beyond the basic code approach. The Standard established a base-line for construction. It followed the layout of current and proposed building codes but was enhanced by some “real life” experience. It included details and procedures that are incorporated and used daily by our members but which are not documented in any code or publication. It includes a section on soils, waterproofing, and materials in addition to chapters on footings, foundation walls, and backfilling.

The Standard is currently referenced by several local building codes, developers, and other groups in the foundation industry. CFA headquarters is out of this document so a reprint is needed. Errata were corrected and a few update paragraphs were incorporated.

We go to print on the 2004 edition in a couple of months but need to know how many to print. This greatly depends on how you use the document. We will send the current version to all CFA members (around 400) but how you, our members, use it will determine home many more we print. Some contractors send it to their builders and local building code officials. If you intend to do this we need to know. We will send it on your behalf, if you would like, as long as we know how many to send and the recipient’s contact information. Contact Jim Baty ( or Talia Nelson ( or call our office at 1-866-232-9255 (toll free) with your needs.

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