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From the Executive Director

Organizations and businesses must step back and take a hard look at themselves from time-to-time. Such an occasion has come for the Concrete Foundations Association. The last self-evaluation was done in 1998. Many of the goals and plans set forth in that meeting were accomplished, but times have changed. The world is different today and we must continually evaluate to be current and responsive to industry and member needs.

Many positive things are happening for the CFA. The newsletter has grown and improved to the point it can be considered a magazine. The summer and winter meetings regularly set attendance records with each event. The codes and standards arena would be vastly different without the vigilance and input of the CFA and its members. We have published our own standard, and the CFA just introduced an on-line engineering program. Still, we think things could be better. The CFA will spend a day in strategic planning this spring at its quarterly meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Traditionally, these meetings involve only the board of directors but the CFA would like to invite any member who has visions or ideas that can improve the CFA. Since one day is a short time period for this type of planning, the session will be focused on addressing membership growth – should the CFA be larger and more representative of the industry; should we focus on our core group of premier contractors; should we reach out to smaller firms who cannot attend CFA events – and if so how do we do it; should we have state, local or regional branches of the CFA? The topics and questions are numerous and the only way to address the issues is to lock (not literally) yourselves in a room and turn out a plan.

Constructive Communication, Inc, a consulting firm experienced in strategic planning, was hired to lead the effort. The session includes an evaluation of our strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, which can provide guidance for future boards. Goals, timelines, and plans for membership, regardless of the direction selected, will be developed for the staff and board to implement. We welcome your participation. The meeting is on Friday, April 16, 2004 at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, 5311 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Make sure you contact the CFA at 866-232-9255 if you plan to attend, so we can plan accordingly.

J. Edward Sauter

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