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H and B Foundations Profile

As one of CFA’s oldest members, H and B Foundations of Elizabeth, Colorado proudly touts the benefits that membership in the CFA has provided to their company.

“When I think I am the only that could have possibly experienced something,” said Bryan Herboldsheimer, Vice President of H and B Foundations, “there is always a CFA member that comes to rescue with advice.”

In addition to being one of the original members of CFA’s predecessor – the Poured Wall Contractors Association — the company has recently earned the distinction of being named one of the top 100 concrete contractors in Concrete Construction. Founded in 1971 by John Herboldsheimer, the company now boasts more than 180 employees and provides foundations, caisson drilling, flatwork, and excavation services to the greater Denver metro area – averaging about 500 to 600 jobs per year. Although primarily a residential contractor, H and B also has completed projects in the commercial arena, such as restaurants and underground parking facilities. Brothers Brett and Bryan Herboldsheimer will soon be taking over the business for their retiring father, John. CFA members have been instrumental in the transition between generations at H and B through their words of wisdom. Other members have offered advice, with both good and bad experiences, from the transitions in their own companies.

According to Bryan Herboldsheimer, the company recognized an opportunity for growth in 1993 through the addition of caisson drilling services. Herboldsheimer is quick to credit CFA with helping him put this service into practice. “As an active CFA member, I come away from each meeting with a fresh look on the poured wall industry by learning new business practices, including caisson drilling,” he said.

“Colorado is classified as having problematic soil conditions, making foundation installation a challenging feat,” said Herboldsheimer.

In Denver, caisson drilling involves drilling 10- to 12-inch holes into the ground underneath the foundation. This process prevents houses from moving when the soil contracts and expands. According to Herboldsheimer, caisson drilling has become essential in the Denver area because any soil that is not problematic has already been developed, leaving only troublesome soil. Further, the increased dedication to properly engineered foundations has resulted in more conservative designs. The added service was obviously something the market needed and H and B now offers drilling to other contractors as well and boasts 16 rigs.

Beyond recognizing a market opportunity and building a caisson drilling business, Herboldsheimer is dedicated to embracing the latest technology in the industry.

“With foundations accounting for approximately 60 to 80 percent of our business, keeping up with industry changes and technology is extremely important to H and B,” said Herboldsheimer. He forum for sharing information about new technology and field techniques.

“The networking opportunities that CFA provides are tremendous,” said Herboldsheimer. “My father was an original member of this association and he saw a great benefit and passed along this enthusiasm to his sons. He not only enjoyed the meetings and their informative content, but also the camaraderie between members. It does not matter how big or how small your company is, everyone talks to each other.”

In the next year, Herboldsheimer anticipates few changes within his company. In these tight economic times, H and B expects only moderate growth, unlike the double digit growth they have experienced in the last ten years. However, within the foundations industry, Herboldsheimer forecasts an increased use of technology both in the next year and in the next five years.

For more information about H and B Foundations, contact Bryan Herboldsheimer at 303-646-2910.

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