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Jack Easton “RETIRES” From Durand Forms, Inc.!

Durand Forms, Inc. announces the retirement of long time owner and co-founder, Jack Easton. This announcement became final on March 14, 2001; shortly after Jack’s favorite time of the year “World Of Concrete”. Jack has been a leader in the aluminum forming industry and a strong member and supporter of the CFA since 1977.

Jack Easton and his lifelong partner, Harry Harden, met in Detroit when both were tool and die makers. In 1954, Jack and Harry bought their first set of plywood forms to pour their own foundations as well as walls for others. It did not take long before these former tool and die makers were designing and machining a host of labor saving devices for their own concrete wall operation as well as for other contractors in their area. This unique background in both manufacturing and poured wall contracting helps explain Durand’s successful entry into aluminum form manufacturing in 1976.

Throughout the years, Jack has been involved in numerous product inventions for the poured wall industry. In 1980, Jack had his most notable invention, when he patented the Durand Attached Pin; which has become the most efficient and widely used attached hardware system in the industry today.

Through all of Jack’s many years of hard work and dedication, he has made Durand’s aluminum forming system what it is today. He has put Durand Forms on the map as a national leader in the industry. Jack Easton has not only been an excellent businessman, but a great friend. He has helped thousands of contractors become very successful. He is the best and will be missed by all.

Once again, Durand Forms, Inc., and the CFA would like to congratulate Jack Easton and wish him the best in his retirement.

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