Why I Remain A Member!

The CFA has been a volunteer choice for our business and my family for 25 years. We’ve been involved as directors on the CFA Board, we’ve been to countless events like the Summer Convention and we put a lot of effort into being a CFA member. For years, we’ve not been shy in stating that we get far more […]

IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME… What are you waiting for?

We’re turning the calendar in less than a month by the time you read this and all indicators point to two things; 1) the market is turning as quickly as a super liner stuck in icefilled waters and 2) companies are trying to find new ways to resource ideas and test possibilities. It is also […]


Most of us are familiar with the name Andrew Carnegie, the industrial giant and shrewd investor from over a century ago. We’ve heard he was a man who both acquired and then gave away enormous amounts of wealth and who said, “The man who dies rich thus dies disgraced.” Less known is how Carnegie was driven to pass on his secrets of success to […]

Insurance Captive – Yes, You Need To Know

I last wrote about the CFA Insurance Captive in this forum a little over a year ago so its time to get on the pulpit yet again. If this were a normal business climate, the captive would have been in operation for nearly a year. We need approximately $3 million premiums to meet the threshold for the underwriter and […]

CFA Announces Availability of Alternate Fall Protection Plan for Members

Member companies now have access to a model or draft alternate fall protection plan conforming to the requirements of OSHA 1926.502(k). This document details the recommended plan for companies delivering concrete foundations for projects identified as “residential construction” by OSHA’s recently implemented STD 03-11-002. “The Alternate Fall Protection Plan is a collaborative effort of CFA staff and key CFA member contractors with a passion for providing solutions not […]

CFA Summer Convention 2011 – If You Weren’t There, Boy Did You Miss It!

Okay, so it is now the end of summer and the start of the fall construction season rush to winter. Somewhere along the way, there are two types of companies in the CFA that may be looking at this transition differently. What defines the difference may very well be whether or not you were able to make it to Virginia this summer to network, learn and […]

Ergonomic Solutions: Small Changes Make A Big Difference

Construction work is hard work, and construction workers feel the results. In one survey, seven out of ten construction workers from 13 trades reported back pain, and nearly a third went to the doctor for it. Some of the most common injuries in construction are the result of job demands that push the human body beyond its natural limits. […]


Each year at Annual Meeting, according to your by-laws, the assembled membership is presented a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors. Board members serve three-year terms under the present by-laws and may be re-elected to serve until such time that they feel it is in their best interest to step away and have new energy added to the Board. This year, we are pleased […]


The CFA Summer Meeting has always been my favorite association event and our recent gathering inWintergreen VA was no exception. The pleasant temperatures and inviting surroundings were a perfect setting for hearing a great lineup of speakers and renewing friendships with fellow contractors and suppliers. Thanks to all of you who made this a great event to attend. My mind drifts back […]

Another CFA Summer Convention is in the Books

The venue was great, the food good and plentiful, and the views were tremendous. A special thank you is extended to all of you who took the time (and spent the money) to attend this year’s event. Feedback from those in attendance was that this was one of the best values and events we have […]

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