The Journey Is Greater Than The Mountain Top

CFA recognizes Dan Bromley of ABI Corporation with an M.V.P Award Walt Disney is noted for once stating, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” In this statement can be found the inspiration behind the action that led the CFA Board of Directors to award Dan Bromley and his […]

Innovation: A By-Product of Desire and Perseverance

CFA recognizes Rich Kubica of K-Wall Poured Walls with the inaugural Innovation Award Arguably the greatest benefit of belonging to a strong and vibrant network like the Concrete Foundations Association is access to the experience and innovative spirit of top minds and professionals. There are dozens of examples of such innovative spirit each year brought to the attention of CFA staff. It is for this […]

Defining The Future By Applying In The Present

CFA Board selects Lance Anderson of Lance Anderson Construction Inc. as Contractor of the Year What symbolizes the ideal candidate for presentation as an “of the Year” selection? This often means something different in the mind of each person you ask. For some, it is success, as in business success or profitability. For many it is volunteerism or commitment to the auspices of the […]

CFA Recognizes Industry Commitment

CFA 2015 Award Recipients Announced at Convention The Concrete Foundations Association(CFA) – the recognized voice and authority for the residential concrete industry, announced the 2015 award recipients at CFA Convention 2015 in Williamsburg, Va. on Friday, July 24, 2015. Awards include Contractor of the Year, Most Innovative Contractor, Associate of the Year, Most Valuable Player and the Kick-Start Membership Award. The awards signify the ultimate […]

2015 Projects of the Year: Private Residence Foundation (>5000 sq.ft.)

Private Residence Foundation >5000 sq.ft. Acworth Home Herbert Construction of Marietta, GA. Acworth, Ga   The largest residential project to receive recognition this year represents the large-scale single-family residences over 5,000-square-feet category. Herbert Construction of Marietta, Ga. maintains their presence in the annual awards program with a private residence entry from Acworth, Ga. “We estimated […]

2015 Projects of the Year: Private Residence Foundation 2000-5000 sq.ft.

Private Residence Foundation (2000-5000 sq.ft.) Pappas Residence Hottmann Construction Company Fox Lake, Wisconsin   Following the recognition received for their “Overall Grand Project” award in 2014, Hottmann Construction Company receives the award for a private residence foundation between 2,000 and 5,000-square-feet with the Pappas Residence in Fox Lake, Wis. “We submitted the Pappas Residence this […]

2015 Projects of the Year: Private Residence Foundation<2000 sq.ft.

 Private Residence Foundation  <2000 sq.ft. Point of the Woods Purinton Builders Lyme, Connecticut   This year’s award for a private residence foundation under 2,000-square-feet goes to Purinton Builders of East Granby, Conn. for the project known as Point of the Woods in Old Lyme, Conn. This extreme challenge included concrete piers excavated into and setting […]

2015 Projects of the Year: Above-Grade Concrete Home

Above-Grade Concrete Home Clifton Concrete Home Bartley Corporation     Since the start of the new millennia, the recognition of performance and aesthetic advantage for all concrete homes has been a focus for the CFA and many throughout the concrete industry. Over the years, many fine works of construction and design have been recognized in […]

2015 Projects of the Year Overall Grand Project: Commercial/Multi Family

Commercial Structure The George Washington University Science and Engineering Hall Ballinger AE Washington DC   The project recognized by popular vote as this year’s overall grand project is the Science & Engineering Hall at George Washington University.  Submitted by Ballinger AE, a professional member of the CFA, this project also demonstrates the growing network of […]


THE CFA PROJECTS OF THE YEAR AS DETERMINED BY YOU…. What work is your company proud of most when completed? How many foundations have you scrutinized during estimating, fought during construction and perfected through closeout? When the project is completed, does your crew and your company for that matter get a chance to pause a […]

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