Privileged To Serve


I am honored to be the new President of the CFA and I thank everyone for all the support I have received. In the next two years I hope to be able to share some of the knowledge I have amassed over the last 32 years, much of that directly due to becoming actively involved as a member of the CFA. Why is it so important to be a CFA member? The […]

Getting the Last Word…


Eight years ago I accepted the encouragement from Ed Sauter, Jim Baty and the incoming President at that time, Dan Bromley, to enter the officer track for the Board of Directors. After joining the Board in 2004, I have looked back on the past twelve years to see unbelievable transformation for both this Association and […]

A Tale of Two Events


Each year, one of the things my crew members look forward to is a chance at an annual trip to World of Concrete. This year was no different and we ended up taking a total of fourteen guys that did their very best in this past year. World of Concrete has continued to be an […]

Letter from the President: Why We Persevere


This issue’s letter from the CFA Board President: Why We Persevere David Martinson Martinson Construction   I read a history document not long after joining the Board that talked about the original ideas for forming this Association. I found it of great interest to see how we compared today with the ideas such strong industry leaders had […]

What You Miss When Time Can’t Be Made


Here we are amid the torrid pace of autumn. To most of us it is the 3rd quarter of a very busy year, perhaps the best year even for some. At the CFA, it is the 1st quarter of what our staff and our Board of Directors sees as presenting another opportunity for continued growth and a dramatic […]

You Have A Very Important Decision To Make!

I’m composing this letter in my head during a recent relaxation trip to South Dakota. While in the midst of the great setting and the many casts mixed with the every attempt to stay out of business, I did find my mind fixated on CFA Convention 2015. You’ll read a lot about this event in […]

How Do We Stack Up?

If your company is like mine, right now you see everything turning up. The weather is turning and the forecast for Spring is starting to look real. We see jobs breaking and more pushing toward our involvement. Better yet, we know the struggles that have been faced over the last four months are all but […]

Letter from the President: What My Toolbox Looks Like…

This month’s letter from the CFA Board President: What My Toolbox Looks Like David Martinson Martinson Construction   If your company is like mine, the start of the new year, while certainly not a surprise, brings forward a list of what we didn’t get accomplished last year compared to what we did manage to achieve. […]

CFA Board Drives Forward Towards 2015

CFA Board members Jim Bartley (past president), Jason Ells (new member) and Mike Reed look at process during Board visit to Bartley Corp at Fall meeting.

Top 10 Current CFA Board and Staff Work Initiatives   An energized meeting of the CFA Board took place recently in Washington DC during the Fall ACI Convention. Board members not only participated in afternoon scheduled to steer the next months of the CFA, they also participated in the new ACI committee for Foundation Certification […]

Letter from the President: Learning from One Another…Being Friends

This month’s letter from the CFA Board President: Learning From One Another…Being Friends David Martinson Martinson Construction   It gives me great pleasure to write to you as your president. As a third generation concrete contractor and a member since 1993, I have experienced first-hand what the Concrete Foundation Association has to offer. It was […]


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