Winter Walls – The Walls Are “Leaking”


As published in Concrete Contractor Magazine, April 10, 2017. This column presents a comparison issue between what is assumed to be faulty construction or installation and the natural hydration process combined with the change of seasons. Question: Last winter we installed several foundations for a builder in one development. He called this week asking us […]

Out of Plumb May Not Mean Damaged and Unsafe

As published in Concrete Contractor Magazine. Question: The foundation for my new home has one wall showing two vertical cracks and the top of the wall is not even with the base of the wall.  I’m concerned the backfilling has pushed the wall in and the building inspector wants an engineer to certify the wall […]

Standing Water in Prepared Footings: A Problem or a Precaution?

by JAMES R. BATY II Created: May 18, 2015 for Concrete Contractor Magazine In this column, the Concrete Foundations Association explains frequent concerns lifted by homeowners as they are engaging a contractor or during the construction process. These issues are offered to you, the concrete contractor as a way of better understanding your customer and identifying the […]

“Damp Rising”

Rising damp theory posted by magazine from the UK.

As published in Concrete Contractor Magazine. Question: I have a homeowner that wants me to put a poly sheet over the footing before I begin forming the foundation wall. He has read that water can migrate up through the footing into the wall and create mold problems for his home. Is this accurate? I’m concerned […]

Asking the Cold Weather Question

Recently, a staff member in our office was sent out to chronicle the stages of a typical residential foundation installation.  We’re always looking for new images and new ways to look at perhaps the most important part of any home before it all gets covered up.  While we’ve had this interest for several weeks, the […]

Tech Talk: Footing Discontinuities According to Code

As Published by Concrete Homes Magazine (May-2006) by James Baty, CFA Editor’s Note: As part of our partnership with the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), the following article is the second in a series on residential construction codes. For more information, visit or call (319) 895-6940. Codes are developed to provide assurance that structures are […]


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