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SOLD: Used Aluminum Concrete Forms w/ Smooth Faces

An inventory of concrete forms from the manufacturer Wall-Ties & Forms has been introduced to the CFA for interested parties.  We are supporting this used equipment as a favor from past membership participation.

These 8-ft and 4-ft forms are roughly 10-12 years old and have a 6-12 hole pattern.  All forms have been inspected and repair completed over the entire set.  Faces have been lightly scraped for cleaning.  A complete inventory list and more images are included below.

For purchase interest, contact Mitch Kueckelhan at 314-574-3907.

2 Responses to “SOLD: Used Aluminum Concrete Forms w/ Smooth Faces”
  1. michael talamanco says:

    What is your asking price for the forms.

    • Jim Baty says:

      Thank you for your interest. These listings are private posts from CFA member firms with product/equipment to sell. We don’t have the specific inventory list of what they have but all contact information for the member necessary is there for you to make contact. This is just one of the many resources and services we offer to our members to help them grow and evolve their business. You can contact CFA headquarters at 319-895-6940 for more information and contact info that may be missing.

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