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Letter from the Director: Endings Really Are New Beginnings

Over the last few months I have been reminded time and time again of the impact companies and leaders in this Association have had on the blueprint for this industry and the legacy they have left behind. I have such vivid memories of leaders like Ron Colvin (p.17, 19), a former president of the CFA, whose vision set the stage for great challenges to our commitment to educating the next generation of business owners. Passionate members, like Mahlon Eash Jr. (p. 19) who display pure joy and hunger for learning during our meetings, always showing up to Convention with the biggest of smiles and always eager to engage peers are what this Association is about and why it was made. There will always be threads of their conviction and their participation. They modeled what it means to be involved in a network, working to better a company, standing alongside others who are willing to listen and contribute.

I have revisited their stories and have learned more about them through their family stories told in obituary notices and convyed to me by people that were much closer to them. In doing so, what strikes me the most is how the stories don’t end now.  RC’s legacy is already continuing through his children’s conviction to the foundation he laid, running a business known for its quality and commitment in southwest Michigan. Another contractor I have periodically communicated with but didn’t have the chance to know very well, was Dave Mongillo from Connecticut, who passed suddenly last October. His leadership has led one of his superintendents of 37 years to pick up the pieces and carry on. In each, as with Foundations Plus (Mahlon Eash), what might normally be a series of endings is already transitioning to become a series of new beginnings.

How appropriate that you are reading this in such a transitional month as March. World of Concrete 2018 is behind us already. Two hundred fifty people turned out for the CFA’s Winter Social held at the Hard Rock Café @ The Strip where all conveyed how energized the gathering was. The impact of winter is ending; what breaks before us now is the promise of an even stronger 2018 than what 2017 offered.  The new beginning found in the promise of spring—and resumed full construction activity unencumbered by freezing temperatures and mixed precipitation conditions—is, itself, electric in potential. With this electricity, the CFA is alive with new prospects, new members and intentional growth of program resources for this industry. Check out the article from the Safety Committee (p. 25) describing the hard work that has already been given to this Association by safety professionals and dedicated employees of companies just like yours, that aren’t CFA Board members or company owners.  Yes, alive at this time and moving in new beginnings is the reality that now more than ever, concrete contractors need a network, support, resources and ways to have vision beyond the day-to-day activity that otherwise fogs the windshield of direction.

I am humbled to be at the helm of this Association, having had the chance to work alongside such great individuals as Ron and Mahlon, and to work for the hundreds—nay, thousands—more that will be impacted by the efforts of these member companies. The reality is that so much more is to be gained by having a hand in the mix than just watching for the news.



James Baty
Executive Director

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