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CFA Project Of The Year – Coming Out On Top

The 2016 Project of the Year Awards…continued excellence in the field of cast-in-place concrete.

CFA’s Project of the Year Elevate Craftsmanship

Each winter, the Concrete Foundations Association opens a competition to its membership for a broad spectrum of cast-in-place concrete projects. These projects evidence the skill, quality, craftsmanship and at times creativity of today’s cast-in-place contractor. Many of these projects are quickly covered up and the achievement lost visually to the project supported above it. Some, however, become the framework expressed through masterful works of concrete technology and construction. This year’s Grand Project of the Year accomplishes all of this and sets new standards for aesthetic value in residential structural concrete work. The rest of the project awards complete the portfolio for continued excellence in the field of cast-in-place concrete.

The “Great Recession” now firmly in the review mirror has left an indelible fingerprint on today’s concrete contracting company. This fingerprint evidences the extreme resiliency of the American concrete contractor when everything is on the line. It also evidences, through such resiliency, the creativity to apply experience and ability toward new, unique work when necessary. In the end, it is often this uniqueness that becomes a new expertise and ultimately supports new architectural trends. On the pages that follow, we introduce you to the projects that have captured this spirit and this creativity as selected by you, the readers and professionals involved in this industry. We hope you find these projects indicative not of the elite opportunities or the exceptional cases in today’s market, but rather complimentary of the work done throughout North America. If this can be said, then we offer you to also be heard.

For more information on scoring for the CFA Projects of the Year, contact CFA staff at 866-CFAWALL.

Consider an entry to the 2017 Projects of the Year. Details on entry for next year can be found online as well as profiles for each of the winning projects for this year and all previous award winners.


GRAND OVERALL PROJECT OF THE YEAR: Nowalk Residence by Solid Concrete Walls, Inc. The Nowak Residence from Salt Lake City, Utah by Solid Concrete Walls, Inc. is the 2016 CFA Grand Project of the Year, the WOC’s Popular Choice Award from the World of Concrete 2016 and the category winner for Single Family Residences > 5,000 sq.ft. A total of 8,408 sq.ft. with 1,082 lin. ft. of foundation walls up to 20’-0” in height, nearly all with a board-form texture.



COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE OF THE YEAR: Howell Mill by Herbert Construction Company – The winner of the Commercial Structure of the Year is Howell Mill from Atlanta, Georgia constructed by Herbert Construction Company. While only 1,800 sq.ft., and 219 lin. ft. of concrete wall, the project signature is this exposed, sloping cast-in-place concrete entrance to the restaurant featuring a dramatic archway.



MID-SIZE SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE PROJECT OF THE YEAR by Custom Concrete Company – Custom Concrete Company of Westfield, Indiana constructed and submitted the winning entry for Single Family Residences between 2,000 and 5,000 sq.ft., known as the Delp Foundation from Greenwood, Indiana. A total area of 4,846 sq.ft. with over 840 lin. ft. of foundation walls up to 13’-0” in height and 20 in. thick characterize this complex foundation.


HONORABLE MENTION PROJECTS Receiving honorable mention for this year’s submitted projects are two additional foundations entered in the Single Family Residence > 5,000 sq.ft. category. The projects include the Kingswood Foundation by Doggett Concrete of Charlotte, North Carolina (above left) and a foundation for a private unnamed residence by Herbert Construction Company (above right). Honorable mention projects receive recognition by scoring a minimum evaluation total from the three performance categories.


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