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Getting the Last Word…

Eight years ago I accepted the encouragement from Ed Sauter, Jim Baty and the incoming President at that time, Dan Bromley, to enter the officer track for the Board of Directors. After joining the Board in 2004, I have looked back on the past twelve years to see unbelievable transformation for both this Association and the industry. At the Board level there are new, equally great and very energetic leaders for a strong future to those I came in with and join™ed. This transformation has taught me how important it and tradition are to the future of this industry and my business.

At CFA Convention 2016, this July, I will step down from this two-year presidency and give the reins to Dennis Purinton from Connecticut. I am confident in this transition and want to take this moment to write to you as two distinct groups of readers.

First, to those of you in companies that benefit from the CFA but are yet to become a member. As president, I have seen us accomplish more work than I can remember us completing at any time in the past. This is evidence of a strong association and proof of recovery to the point where the Board can return to strategic thinking and planned direction rather than survival. This Association has delivered an insurance program specific to your business and one that includes a Safety Committee, regular risk management advice and Toolbox Talks free to our members for safety training their workforce. We have transitioned to an ACI Certification for individuals to better inspire and represent our professionalism and evidences our ability to be the resource for technical information and the ones that customers can rely on for truths. As a company not yet investing in yourself through CFA membership, you have already gained from the CFA and it is likely you don’t realize it. Each of the contractors I sit with on the Board and many more that I meet at our events or talk with by phone and email can attest to the strength that comes from one thing, this network made up of each other. But you have to be part of it to get the most…that is the easy part.

Secondly, to the many great members of the CFA. While we are certainly not large in numbers for this industry, I want each of you to realize that collectively we drive, inspire and evolve this industry. Through our efforts we maintain logical and justifiable standards for the industry. The CFA Board now meets during both ACI Conventions so our Board can also participate economically on key committees to further the interests of the cast-in-place contractor. We don’t see this is as a legacy, like a foundation, but rather a process that continues to evolve. It needs your support and your involvement. It is important for you to know that CFA is your voice into codes but also your opportunity. We need persistence in this Association from both new energy and ideas as well as traditions and trusted or reliable experience. There is room for each and every member to get involved.

I have found first hand that the single biggest benefit to my company in the last twelve years has been what I have brought home from the CFA. I don’t make all the meetings, haven’t been to every Convention and I certainly can’t catch all of the emails. However, what I am able to attend, what I am able to stop and read, is never a waste of my investment of time and/or money. I didn’t know this upfront and I didn’t always believe it when those in front of me made similar claims. But I do believe it now and I have to give you the chance to see it as I close this presidential chapter. Thank you for supporting this Association and for supporting me, my company and your leadership.


David Martinson
Martinson Construction
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