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A Tale of Two Events

Each year, one of the things my crew members look forward to is a chance at an annual trip to World of Concrete. This year was no different and we ended up taking a total of fourteen guys that did their very best in this past year. World of Concrete has continued to be an affordable and beneficial way for me to take guys from the field during the off-season and put them in a place where they can experience the indus- try at a grander scale, obtain some continuing education that helps them to expand their thinking about concrete and the work we do or how we manage … and yes, at the same time it gives them a place to go and let down their hair after a long year.

One of the requirements I have for them is attending a minimum of three classes during the week. With more than 75 courses to choose from, each guy has a chance to hit something of interest and bring it back to the company to improve themselves as well as those around us. I challenge them to share within that first week we’re back.

However great World of Concrete is for my guys, it isn’t the complete event for my professional needs. I find it really hard to concentrate and maintain more than a fifteen-minute conversation among all that is going on. While the gathering at the Hofbrauhaus is a great way to catch up with friends and my guys get the absolute most out of the evening, what I find energizing and most beneficial for my company is the CFA Convention, held each year during the latter part of the summer.

You’re asking right now how it is that I can take off from my business and head to some resort or enticing vacation spot with my family for a few days to a week. I’d have to ask back, how can I not? After experiencing my first Convention over a decade ago, I’ve only missed those that are in direct conflict with a family event that I have no control over. I’ll even make a point of flying in just for the opening and first day if I can, to reconnect and pick up something valuable for me to chew on and drive my company forward in the months ahead.

There are a lot of choices for your management attention. If you are like me, most of them come at you so fast that you either knee-jerk and make the wrong decision or you wait to long and the opportunity is gone. I’ve come to know that being able to absorb from my peers and from some very important speakers CFA lines up to hit just what it is we are facing in our businesses while being in a relaxed and open-minded state has made a direct impact on my business. I will be at CFA Convention 2016 in Myrtle Beach. I challenge you to make that commitment. You will not regret the investment it will be for your company.

David Martinson – Martinson Construction

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