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Perseverance in the Face of Adversity

CFA Professional Awards



The award plaque honoring Tim Parrish as the CFA’s 2014 Contractor of the Year.

The most frequently awarded recognition for individuals from the CFA is the Contractor of the Year award. This recognizes the contributions of a poured wall contractor to the industry and often evidences the excessive efforts they make beyond their company’s location and position in order to benefit the greater goals of the Association and the industry as a whole. In recognition of the annualized character of this award, this award seeks to find one of the Association’s leaders that truly exceed their own expectations and that of the average member.

At Annual Convention this year, the Board of Directors presented Tim Parrish with this prestigious honor. “Tim has exemplified the passion and energy of this Association during a time period where life has thrown just about everything possible at him,” states Jim Bartley, CFA Past President and Chairman of the Board. Physically disabled and bed-ridden most of the time due to the untreatable condition known now as chronic pain syndrome, Tim has poured himself into the CFA. He fully completed his commitment as a Board member via correspondence and several times sitting through the four-hour or so meetings on conference systems. Most recently, he and his wife traveled the two hours to Washington DC, though retired from the Board, just to have another chance to be part of the meeting. His commitment has extended into investing time and funds in the insurance captive formation effort, also serving as one of four steering members working intimately with the captive manage consultants and CFA staff.

Friend and peer, Dan Bromley (left) accepts the award for Parrish during the 2014 Convention alongside Ed Sauter, Executive Director.

Friend and peer, Dan Bromley (left) accepts the award for Parrish during the 2014 Convention alongside Ed Sauter, Executive Director.

Considering the future of the CFA, however, Tim has been perhaps most impressive serving as a mentor for new CFA members. He has frequently contacted new companies as they are announced and willingly invited them to a visit to his company as well as communicating with them to better understand their businesses. Through this mentorship effort, Tim has exemplified what the CFA Board has felt will be the future for this industry.

Contractor of the Year, however, is not an endorsement simply of the service to the CFA as it also must evidence industry leadership and performance of the company as part of the bigger picture. Here Tim has continued to labor and continued to succeed. During a time when his active involvement has been thwarted by the debilitating condition he endures, Tim has managed to gently and enthusiastically encourage his company leaders to step up and step forward. They have continued the success of his legacy. Together with his wife, Donna, they have maintained Cornerstone Foundations as a regional leader and a cutting edge concrete professional organization. That company now sets off toward a promising future under new ownership while the Parrishes take on a new venture in concrete pumping with CFI Enterprises, a new CFA member.

While Tim was honored and recognized during the Convention in Ohio this past summer, you are encouraged to send him a message of hope and gratitude.

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