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Irving Equipment Announces Arrival of Loop Belt® Truck Mounted Conveyors

Irving Loop Belt 002

Irving Equipment is pleased to announce the arrival of Loop Belt® truck mounted conveyors. Offering

the LB32T4 and LB40T5 models, they are 100% designed, patented, and built in the US. Boasting

several brand new patents on each model, with others pending, both units offer advantages and

applications that outperform other competitive placing systems. Loop Belt® is committed to high

performance, with service engineers and technicians that are considered to be some of the best in the

world for conveyor systems. Additionally, LB has design engineers with considerable experience in

conveyor system design.


The LB32T4 has a horizontal reach of 32 meters and has four telescopic sections. The 18” wide

conveyor will handle 4” aggregates and up to 360 cubic yards per hour. This is ideal for wind energy

projects and other low slump foundation mixes.

Irving Loop Belt 001

The LB40T5 has a horizontal reach of 40 meters and has five telescopic sections. The 20” wide

conveyor will handle aggregates up to 6”. All transition points were designed to run clean and transfer

material smoothly with up to 480 cubic yards per hour capacity.


Both models have the capability of set-up in an area with less than 18 feet of overhead clearance.

The feeder “pins” to the transfer turret, allowing for easy removal for maintenance and service. The

upper conveyor section is fixed at a negative angle to provide a better belt transition and material flow

into the transfer area. A free-floating hinge and control arm allow for full retraction of the hydraulic

cylinders. Feed conveyor contact with the ground is under self-weight only. The hydraulic cylinder

pressure is monitored and switched to allow for full use of the telescopic conveyor, while feed

conveyor is securely in contact with the ground. Minor variations in machine leveling, due to outrigger

pad settlement, are automatically compensated for via control arm float position.


Boom and feeder functions are fully proportional for precise movements using Hawe valves and radio

remote controls; single and double joystick models. The backup handset controller, also proportional,

comes with hard wire capacity. The outriggers are completely hydraulic for easy and safe operation. No

manual pulling or maneuvering is required to set-up outriggers; a bonus on uneven ground. The modern

lattice boom sections are fabricated from high strength steel that is stronger and lighter than most

aluminum booms. This lightweight design allows for legal axle weights in most states. The Loop Belt®

hydraulic system is very efficient, thus it requires relatively low power and low fuel compared to other

placing methods. Other standard features are: a clean-up washers system, hydraulic oil cooler,

toolboxes, tool kit, portable cable adjuster kit, and much more.


The traction-drive frame structure is built into the base section for increased strength and rigidity.

Mechanical components for the traction-drive are located outside the base section, where they are

easily removable for maintenance and service. The traction-drive rope system is simplified with fewer

sheaves and shorter wire rope lengths.

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