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Your Membership = Your Partner During The Tough Times

Continuing to feel the effects of this deepening recession? Your Association is working to bring you increased value to your membership dollars while providing ways to diversify your company and build your corporate image.

One way the CFA can help you in this 2009 fi scal cycle, is a two-for-one membership in both the Concrete Foundations Association and the Concrete Homes Council (CHC).

Very focused and interested companies in the CFA created the CHC nearly seven years ago. Its mission was to promote and grow the above-grade concrete housing industry using the traditional removable form construction methods experienced in today’s modern foundations. This Council has seen marginal growth despite the considerable interest that is generated each month in housing leads or inquiries. This is one reason why we are seeking your interest for participation.

When you select to renew your CFA membership for the 2009 fiscal year, we will automatically add your company to the online roster for the CHC and begin including you in the leads that are generated on this website as well as through our participation in the Concrete Home Builders Council of the NAHB. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, fill out and send the CFA Membership Form the opposite page, or contact Jim Baty at CFA at or 866-CFAWALLS.

The CFA organization is excited about this opportunity that has been created to bring another layer of benefi ts to your membership while conserving your out-of-pocket expenses.

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