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Look At The Bright Side

There is a bright side to what most of us are going through in this recession. I know at times it does not feel that way, but there are some positives. As we contract in size, reduce, conserve and find new opportunities for revenue we are setting our companies up for a more efficient profitable future.

During the good years, the volume of work covered many mistakes that I overlooked. With the economy, the way it is now we simply cannot afford any mistakes. Information, logistics, inventory, materials used and manpower have to be managed to perfection. I know in my case I have worked on these issues more than I have ever in my life. As with all our remaining employees, they are working harder and meeting challenges like never before. We have the attitude we will survive and come out of this in better shape.

The challenge of the last year has helped us learn to sell our company as a commercial contractor. We were thought of as a residential concrete contractor, although we have always had a small percentage of sales on the commercial side. All of a sudden, we had to sell ourselves as a qualified commercial contractor to win jobs in a very competitive world and perform. We discovered and to the satisfaction of General Contractors that we indeed meet and exceed their expectations. I believe that with technology, equipment and personnel developed in the residential market we are more sophisticated, reliable and efficient than a lot of our competition in the light commercial concrete contracting world.

The most important lesson that I learned throughout the recession is to get back to the basics. Work hard, be conservative, save money. It was too good for too long and I became complacent. I plan to manage our company and my life much different in the future. I believe the result will be when the economy comes back we will be more profitable and in a better position for the next economic downturn.

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