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Concrete contractors have willingly used a variety of water based products for years. However, when it comes to form release agents, acceptance has been slower. While this was understandable a few years ago when the cost savings between water and petroleum based versions was minimal and the enticements to switch were fewer, times have changed. Water based release agent formulas now offer more benefits than ever before.

Today, oil prices continue to rise and stricter environmental and safety regulations are changing the way many contractors work. Nox-Crete’s continued research and development of improved water based technology has produced products that perform equal to, and in many cases better than, petroleum based products. These form release agents easily meet all known state VOC requirements and provide substantial cost savings over petroleum based form release agents. A variety of formulations are available, including concentrated versions such as Alumi-Con.

Formulated specifically for aluminum forms, chemically active Alumi-Con maximizes the savings potential with the economy of a concentrated product. Dilutable up to 6:1 with water, Alumi-Con allows the user to customize product performance by adjusting the dilution rate to fit specific needs. Once diluted, Alumi-Con stays well mixed longer due to improved emulsion technology. When dry on form surfaces, Alumi-Con is non-slippery and resists removal by normal rain showers. The variable dilution rates also allow Alumi-Con to be used as a maintenance coating as well.

Achieving the proper dilution rate is easily achieved when Alumi-Con is used in conjunction with Nox-Crete’s Mix Station. The Mix Station simultaneously dilutes and mixes Nox-Crete’s concentrated form release agents in one easy step. Contractors dilute and mix only as much product as they need at a given time.

It’s time to catch the wave and switch to water based form release agents. Choose the leaders in water based technology. For more information about the advantages of water based release agents, contact Nox-Crete at (800) 669-2738 or visit Full product data sheets for the Mix Station, Alumi-Con and all water based release agent options are available online.

Maximum economy and easy one-step dilution and mixing is achieved when Nox-Creteʼs Alumi-Con form release agent is used in conjunction with the Mix Station.

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