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Schwing Announces Breakthrough with New Vector Control System

Schwing’s continuous commitment to advancing concrete pumping technology has produced the new Vector Control System. This breakthrough in data retrieval is the only system that allows two-way communication between the radio remote box and the concrete pump. Even higher productivity is now available on all Schwing boom pumps because the operator can retrieve important information without returning to the pump. Other features of the system include continuous operational data mapping; real-time graphical status displays and advanced diagnostics.

An LED display on the remote box informs the operator of: hydraulic pressure; PTO rpm; strokes per minute; hydraulic oil temperature; hopper grate status; local/remote or ram change mode; emergency stop and water tank low level. Audible and graphic warnings are incorporated and divided into low and high level status of operational conditions. Control functions from the remote box include: engine rpm and start/stop; pump delivery rate; end hose shut-off valve; vibrator off/auto; water pump on/off; agitator forward/reverse; pump forward/reverse and boom speed.

The Vector System utilizes twin joysticks on the remote box for pin-point accuracy. Spread Spectrum continues to be used for interference free transmission hopping 50 frequencies per second. Each radio remote has a proprietary sequence to further avoid conflicting signals and owners do not have to apply for a license.

Real time diagnostics are available at the controller located in a lockable box. Graphical displays report machine status from one location, including: emergency stop valves; remote control; boom; concrete and water pump; compressor ; truck engine information; oil cooler operation; outriggers; agitator and vibrator.

Continuous recording of operational data is also provided by the Vector, including: oil temperature, level and pressure; PTO, concrete pump, boom, slewing gear, water pump, compressor and outrigger hours. Owners and equipment personnel can use this data to more accurately schedule maintenance and extend machine life.

Several other features that provide operator convenience include a teach mode key that allows boom calibration to be performed by one person. A separate security key is inserted before boom speed settings are adjusted within certain fixed limits. Factory settings can also be easily retrieved. The expandability of the system will allow for updates in the future.

For more information, call 1-888-SCHWING or visit them online at

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