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Putzmeister Introduces New BSF 61-Meter Concrete Boom Pump

STURTEVANT, Wis. – Putzmeister America introduces the latest truck-mounted concrete boom pump model to their product range – the BSF 61-Meter. To accommodate customer reach and weight requirements, the unit is strategically positioned in size between the BSF 58-Meter and BSF 63Z-Meter Putzmeister models.

The BSF 61-Meter features a four-section roll-and-fold boom to provide a 197 2 vertical and 183 9 horizontal reach – ideal for long distance and difficult-to-reach pumping jobs. When mounted on its standard 460 hp six-axle Mack truck with tri-steer and tri-drive, the unit’s overall weight allows for added capacity in transporting pipe and hose.

To attain the smallest outrigger footprint in its class, the new model is equipped with Putzmeister’s new OSS (One-Sided Support) outrigger system as standard. When activated, the unit can operate in a defined working envelope while only requiring a compact 22 6 (6.86m) front and 24 7 (7.49m) rear outrigger footprint. Hydraulically-operated, the front outriggers swing out and telescope, while the rear ones merely swing out for easy setup.

Equipped with Ergonic® Boom Control (EBC), the unit features minimal boom bounce, built-in safety mechanisms and easy trouble-shooting devices. OneTouchTM, a part of EBC, enables the operator to use a single joystick to automatically move all boom sections and slewing in tandem, while keeping the end hose level.

The latest model added to the Putzmeister lineup also delivers both high pressure up to 1233-psi (85 bar) and high volume. Customers have the choice of a .16H or .20H pump cell, attaining 210 yd3/hr (160m3/hr) and 260 yd3/hr (200m3/hr) outputs respectively.

Additionally, the BSF 61-Meter features exclusive 4.6” Twin-Wall™ pipe, engineered to maximize the boom pipe’s inside diameter yet still achieve a lighter weight and reduced wear. It’s a major improvement over smaller diameter pipe used on larger boom pumps, offering a smoother concrete flow for reduced hydraulic pumping pressures while attaining the same output with less abrasive wear.

Loaded with other standard features, the BSF 61-Meter includes exclusive free flow hydraulics for smooth controllable pumping; fully proportional cable and radio remote controls for precise boom positioning; auto lubrication of the unit’s boom, pedestal and hopper for simplified maintenance; and the Big Mouth S-Valve for pumping extremely harsh mixes.

Deliveries of the BSF 61-Meter began this spring. For more details, contact Putzmeister America toll-free at (800) 884-7210, (262) 886-3200 or visit the company’s web site at to download literature.

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