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Nox Crete Celebrates 50 Years

Nox-Crete Products is celebrating its 50th year as a manufacturer of quality chemical products for concrete construction. The company, and an industry, were launched in 1956 when their founder Carl Linn developed the world’s first chemically active form release agent.

Prior to the development of nox-Crete Form Coating, contractors used diesel fuel and crank case drippings to prevent bonding between their forms and the concrete surface during the chemical hydration process that occurs as fresh concrete cures. Resulting concrete surfaces were stained and pitted and forms were severely damaged.

With the development of chemically active form release agents, contractors could achieve uniform, architectural concrete surfaces and prolong the useful life of their forms. These agents are also better for both the environment and the worker.

From those beginnings, Nox Crete Products Group has developed a full line of construction chemicals and is known industry wide for quality products.

Nox-Crete has been a member of CFA since 2001.

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