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CFA Basement of the Year Stretches For Growth

For eight years, the CFA has been promoting and conducting a members only competition originally and affectionately labeled the “Basement from Hell” competition that has matured into the “Basement of the Year”. Some incredible works have been submitted over the past few years, selection of THE basement has been strongly contested. This year, based on the record number of projects submitted, three projects were ranked above all the others.

This has spawned ideas of ways to continue increasing the recognition of our industry and at the same time providing ways to share the valuable stories and lessons being learned each day by members across our network.

There are many great things to come in 2006 but perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities will be the expansion of the Basement of the Year program.

This next edition of the program will feature a range of categories to more accurately compare projects based on their related merits while expanding the opportunities for the CFA to identify concepts for marketing and companies to profile.

This next cycle, we will encourage projects to be submitted for a list of categories that include:

Residential Foundation < 2,000 sq.ft.

Residential Foundation 2,001 sq.ft. – 5,000 sq.ft.

Residential Foundation > 5,000 sq.ft.

Above-Grade Residence

Retaining Wall


Between now and the date for our Request for Submittals, we may even identify additional categories that represent the full range of products offered by our membership.

We encourage you to begin planning by searching your history at the same time you take a look at the projects you are doing this year. Look to find those projects that fit into these categories and remind you of either really complex problems that you were able to resolve or otherwise unique situations encountered that you feel should have an opportunity to be recognized.

Our program will continue to grow and yet we will maintain our commitment to the membership at large that only projects submitted by members will be eligible for recognition. There will be no charge this year to submit and whether you win or not, you will receive a digital composite image showing off your submittal. If you are selected for the show floor, you will also receive the show graphic when we are finished.

Those companies that are selected for recognition in each of these categories will once again receive an attractive plaque commemorating their participation and accomplishment. However, the industry and ultimately the CFA will be the biggest winner of all as we gather this valuable information to feed our expanding marketing campaign to showcase the quality works that are accomplished throughout our network.

For awards and membership information, visit the CFA website ( or contact Jim Baty via email ( or phone (319-895-6940). The challenge is on!

Jim Baty, Technical Director

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