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Spanish Foundation Fundamentals a Huge Success

The Foundation Fundamentals seminar held in Richmond, Virginia on October 19th was a huge success. What made this seminar unique was that it is the first time it has been offered in both Spanish and English. The CFA decided to offer the popular seminar in Spanish at the suggestion of area CFA board member Tim Parrish of Cornerstone Foundations who had several Spanish-speaking workers he wanted to attend.

“Recently, I have shifted to a Spanish speaking labor force and I knew of other members who had done this as well,” said Parrish. “I had four Spanishspeaking employees attend the meeting and they gained valuable information that would have taken me much longer to explain to them.”

Patty Asplund, a consultant providing Spanish interpretations, spent several weeks preparing for the seminar. She provided nearly instantaneous translation of presenter Brent Anderson’s words as he spoke (don’t ask us how she does it). After spending countless hours reviewing a videotaped Spanish Foundation Fundamentals, Asplund developed a thorough understanding of construction terms to ensure that the seminar was a success. One of CFA’s own members, Jim Bartley of the Bartley Corp., is bilingual and was able to assist Asplund as she prepared for the interpretation. Tackling this interpretation was a tremendous undertaking because Asplund did alone what would normally require two or three people. Word from the attendees, both bilingual and Spanish speakers, was that offering the seminar in Spanish was well worth the effort.

According to program attendee Kay Lanahan from Advanced Concrete Foundations in Troy, Va., the seminar was a great learning experience. “We had 25 people from our company attend the meeting, including six Spanish-speaking workers. Everyone from our team commented on how valuable the meeting was and the excellent information that was presented.” One bilingual member of the Advanced Concrete team even commented on how perfectly the translator spoke.

Parrish has noticed a change in his employees since returning from the seminar. “By having members of my team attend the seminar, I showed them that I was interested in their career development,” said Parrish. “This helped to boost their confidence and made them realize that they are important to our team.”

Another first at this seminar was the mini trade show. Several area vendors were invited to display their products during an extended lunch period. This allowed many workers to gain some first hand knowledge of the products they use on a daily basis.

The CFA will be offering Spanish simulcasting at future venues when reasonable support for the expenses can be guaranteed. Check the website ( or contact headquarters to find out more information on possible locations.

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